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Doc Gooden, New York Yankees

"Matt Wachtel makes working out fun! Setting goals and helping you achieve them is his methodology. Both in the gym and out, Matt is a true fitness partner. I wish nothing but the best for Matt and his team at Body Bank Fitness!"

- Doc Gooden, New York Yankees

Jeff Nelson, New York Yankees

"I have been a professional athlete for over 22 years and I have worked with a lot of trainers. I have been around some very good ones and I would have to include Matt as one of them. I love the intense and complete work out you get from Matt.

If you want results and a great work out from someone who knows what he is doing, I would not hesitate to contact Boot Camp Matt."

- Jeff Nelson New York Yankees

Alton Hillis

“Matt Wachtel has changed my life. Having been a client for almost two years, I have far exceeded any goals that I had set when I first decided to “get back into shape.". I am stronger, faster, and have more endurance today than I did almost 20 years ago, playing Division 1 Football.

Matt is not just a training coach, he is a life coach. He works beyond your sessions to make sure that you are doing your best to achieve your goals in the gym and out. A truly unique individual with rare talent.

I am proud to be on his client roster and happily recommend him to anyone who is serious about making a healthy change in their life!”

– Alton Hillis

Amy Weiss-Citrome, MD FAAPM&R

Matt Wachtel has taken personal training to a whole new level. He inspires his clients to do things that they never thought they could do. I used to say that I hated to sweat. He has taught me to love it. Thanks to Matt, exercise and fitness are now my hobby, my passion and my sanctuary.

I have watched him train many people. He has a different approach with each client. His approach combines their personality with their individual exercise needs. He is smart and creative. I respect him as a well-qualified exercise professional. I should know, I am a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Matt is a young man of integrity, loyalty and devotion. Training with Matt has been an inspiration and a pleasure.

- Amy Weiss-Citrome, MD, FAAPM&R