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Personal Training Services

The best results come from personal training because it is designed for you (the client). We pride ourselves on pairing clients with a trainer that can best meet their needs. A Body Bank Fitness Personal Training program begins with an initial assessment of current physical condition and is then customized to help clients achieve his or her desired fitness goals.

Whether you are new to working out, a seasoned athlete or recovering from an injury, our trainers will personalize a program to fit your needs & goals. Workouts are designed to help optimize your strength, stamina, balance & flexibility. Our clients include children, adolescents, varsity & collegiate athletes and adults of all ages.

Small Group Training

Our trainers are happy to work with small groups as well as with individuals. Semi-private sessions, children's group sessions and youth team sessions are part of what we do. These can be scheduled by request and are tailored to fit any type of group. These types of workouts also facilitate group dynamics and teamwork. They will provide you with that extra push needed to achieve maximum results and surpass your potential.

We also offer team building workouts for businesses. Our corporate-funded private fitness groups promote teamwork and are a great way to boost company morale.

School Based Programs

Body Bank is proud to work with many different schools and children of all ages. We run after school fitness programs both on and off site. In addition, we support & sponsor local teams and are happy to help our young, local athletes achieve their dreams.